Vacationing in Gearhart, Oregon & Blog Hop

Gearhart, Oregon


Last weekend we spent a few days with our friends in Gearhart, a lovely, quiet town three miles north of Seaside at the Oregon coast. Gearhart is located 10 miles from the northwest tip of Oregon and about 80 miles from Portland. View map of Oregon Coast.

What appealed to us is the quiet, slow-paced atmosphere of Gearhart. Once you entered city limits, there are no street lights. Wide streets made it a great place for biking. To learn an easy way to teach children to bike, read my post Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike.

biking in Gearhart, Oregon

With the unusually warm Mother’s  Day weekend, it made it a perfect time for a walk down to the unspoiled sandy Gearhart Beach which is situated right in town. Just bring some shovels and buckets and the kids will entertain themselves for hours. One thing Buddy, my big boy, discovered was jumping waves.  Standing in the water hand in hand with his friends and taking a big jump on the waves as it crashed in. He had the biggest smile of satisfaction! See picture below.

Gearhart Beach

   playing-by-the-sea in Gearhart, Oregon

I had fun shell hunting on the beach. Together with our friends we must have collected ten sand dollars. At low tide, some of us even found some live sand dollars, and yes, we did return them to the sea. I found this sand dollar poem and thought you might enjoy it too (see picture below). There’re other versions of the Legend of the Sand Dollar. If you’re interested, there’s also Legend of the Sand Dollar children’s book.


When night falls, we enjoyed a fun game of Two Truths and a Lie around this outdoor fire with marshmallows and yummy smores. We were told that bonfires on the beach is permitted.


If you’re a golfer, Gearhart is home to Gearhart Gold Links, the oldest golf course in the northwest, beautiful and well kept. Other activities include tennis, clamming and flying kites. Visit City of Gearhart for more information. We definitely enjoyed ourselves in Gearhart. I hope you enjoyed all those fun pictures! Now on with our Thursday blog hop.

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