Vacationing in Gearhart, Oregon & Blog Hop

  Last weekend we spent a few days with our friends in Gearhart, a lovely, quiet town three miles north of Seaside at the Oregon coast. Gearhart is located 10 miles from the northwest tip of Oregon and about 80 miles from Portland. View map of Oregon Coast. What appealed to us is the quiet, slow-paced atmosphere of […]

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Stained Glass Cross – Easter Craft

  My boys have been counting down to Easter and looking forward to those Easter egg hunts since the beginning of March. I thought what a better way to emphasize the meaning of Easter by reminding us all of the cross. This is an easy craft that little ones can do. And while working together, we had […]

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The Calling of First Disciples

Here’s a few things that we’ve done to help our kids remember the story of Jesus’ early disciples in Matthew 4:18-22. Jesus’ first disciples were fishermen so here’s what we did. 1. To introduce the lesson, I used a fishing game. How to make fishing game: This is a semi-homemade fishing game (the fish were from […]

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Woven Heart Basket Craft for Kids

In gearing up for Valentine, I made this little woven hearts baskets with the kids.  This craft is pretty cute and it can be used as a Valentine’s treat baskets. The heart shaped basket is very easy to make and inexpensive. Materials: Construction papers Scissors Glue/tape/stapler   Instructions: Cut construction papers in half the long way (the hot dog […]

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Grasshopper Craft for Kids

Last week our kiddos learned about John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism in their Sunday School classes. To help reinforce the lesson,  we made some egg carton locusts or grasshoppers. Now they all remember what John the Baptist ate. (Adult supervision needed with exacto knife and glue gun) Materials: Egg carton Tempera paint Pipe cleaners or chenille […]

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