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Edible Snowflakes

In keeping with the season and continuing on our reading of Snip, Snip… Snow! and other snow books, I decided to do an edible snowflake activity with the kids. They had a fun time and the best part was eating it.  Here’s how: Ingredients: Flour tortillas, any vegetable oil (I used grapeseed oil), powdered sugar, parchment […]

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Colorful Snowflakes

As an extension activity to Snip, Snip… Snow! by Nancy Poydar, we made some coffee filter snowflakes. Instead of leaving it white, I asked the kids to use their imagination and mix the colors that we have been learning at home.  This was a fun and interactive activity that I am sure your kids will love […]

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Snip, Snip… Snow!

 My kids look forward to a winter wonderland every year. They like to catch snow with their hands, taste the snow with their tongues and create their own snowmen with things they find in and outside our house. So, when I borrowed this book, Snip, Snip…Snow, from the library, I knew that they would love reading […]

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Fruits I Love

Fruits I Love by Victoria Boutenko. I was so happy to receive this book from a friend. As a mom who loves nutritious foods for her kids, I’m always interested in children’s books that encourage healthy eating. This book is one that makes eating wholesome fruits fun.  The pictures are creatively drawn, very brightly colored and […]

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